What Crate Should You Buy For Very Large Dogs?

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What Crate Should You Buy for Very Large Dogs?

Dog crates are essential for the safe handling of your pet dog. No matter your dog’s breed, size, or age, you need a dog crate to help ensure your pet’s safety and offer a safe space for them. Dogs are den animals by nature, and they feel comfortable and secure in enclosed spaces provided that there is ample room for standing, sitting, and turning around.

Moreover, any pet dog should be accustomed to a crate, as it helps tremendously when you want your fur buddy to travel with you in a car.

The first and main consideration when buying a dog crate is the size. You want the dog crate to be big enough for your dog to sit, stand, stretch, and turn around in. Measure your dog’s width, length, and height before buying a crate, and then compare the measurements to the crate’s dimensions.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution out there, as different breeds of different ages require different sizes. You don’t want your Labrador in a crate made for a Great Dane. Dogs naturally don’t soil their sleeping spaces, which is why you also don’t want a crate big enough for your dog to walk around in.

Foldable Dog Crate for Home and Travel

Dog crates come in many shapes and materials. However, one of the most popular and practical crates is the foldable one. Foldable crates are usually made from some sort of fabric that allows them to collapse when needed. This offers greater portability. More importantly, they are very light, making them ideal for carrying around.

You can use a foldable crate both at home and in the car. You can buy a foldable crate from a variety of different manufacturers. Just make sure that the dimensions fit the size of your dog.

For starters, here is a quality three-door folding dog crate from EliteField. It has different size options, so make sure you get the one that is the right fit for your dog.


  • Perfect for moving around
  • Can be easily stored away when folded
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Can be used as a kennel at home, as well as a travel crate
  • Three mesh doors for maximum light and ventilation


  • Not the best choice for rowdy dogs

Wooden Dog Crate

Dog crates don’t have to be mundane-looking and boring. If you want your dog crate to blend nicely with your furniture, then a wooden dog crate is the answer. Wooden dog crates come in a variety of different sizes, but their style typically remains the same.

Wooden dog crates don’t have any thrills and frills. Instead, they are a simple rectangular or square shape with the frame made out of wood. The enclosure bars are typically made out of metal, but depending on which crate you go for, they can also be wooden.

These sorts of crates offer a premium and distinguished look and go nicely with a well-decorated room. They are also sturdy and perfect for containing overly energetic dogs.

Again, as with any type of dog crate, you can get these from many different makers. However, here is one that is big enough for large dogs and looks fantastic.

Keep in mind that these crates can get costly depending on the type of wood used in their construction. Moreover, wooden dog crates are generally not the best travel crates because they are bulky and heavy. However, you can still fit them in your car depending on the size, just don’t expect to carry them around like the foldable ones.


  • A stylish look that goes great with furniture
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Multiple entrances
  • Can be used as a tabletop at the same time


  • Not ideal for travel

Heavy Duty Dog Crate for Home

If build quality is your concern and you want something that just won’t budge, then consider a heavy-duty dog crate. These dog crates are always made out of metal, and they also have wheels that make them a breeze to move around.

Even if you have the most rebellious dog that you want to crate-train, they won’t be able to nudge this type of crate. The only downside to such crates, however, is that they are not made for travel. These are strictly made to be used in homes or shelters.

If you are considering a heavy-duty crate, here is one you should look at. This one has wheels at the bottom that are lockable, a removable tray, and two locks to prevent escape.


  • Excellent for crate training large, misbehaving dogs
  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Removable tray makes for easy cleaning
  • Wheels allow for easy movement but can also be locked


  • Not suitable for travel

Foldable Metal Dog Crate

If you want a compromise between a foldable crate and a heavy-duty crate, then get a foldable metal dog crate. This type of crate isn’t as heavy or sturdy as a heavy-duty crate, but it is easy to carry around and store.

Since you can fold this type of crate, it is ideal for carrying around and storing when not in use. The tray is made out of durable ABS plastic and can be removed for cleaning.

Moreover, these can also be used for travel, as you can easily carry them to your car, and once inside the car, your dog can jump in.

Here is one that comes in many different sizes and has all the features mentioned above.


  • Very easy to carry around and store away
  • Robust metal construction but lighter than a heavy-duty crate
  • Can be used for travel
  • Has a removable tray


  • Might not be strong enough for aggressive dogs


Choosing a crate for your large pet dog depends on various factors. How big is your dog, and is it a good dog or a rebelling “teenager”?

Firstly, a foldable dog crate made out of fabric and steel rods is perfect for both home and travel. However, depending on the temperament of your dog, it may not be strong enough.

Secondly, if you are style-conscious, then a wooden dog crate can complement the look of your well-furnished house. However, it is not the best choice for travel.

Thirdly, if sturdiness is your concern, you cannot go wrong with a heavy-duty crate. It is made entirely out of metal and has wheels, so you can move it around. However, this type of crate is meant strictly for home or shelter use.

Lastly, a foldable metal crate is the best of both worlds. It is strong enough for large dogs and can be easily carried around and stored. The only downside, however, is that it might not contain overly aggressive dogs.

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