Petsfit Soft Dog Crate Review

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Are you looking for a kennel for your dog which doesn’t look like it came out of the middle ages? Would you like to replace the thin bars and canary feel of a cage with something that looks and feels more humane (or whatever the dog equivalent of humane is)?

Dog crates draped in cloth are becoming increasingly more popular and accessible. Here we’re looking at such a crate from Petsfit, and trust you’ll agree that it’s the way to go once you’ve read the review.

Petsfit Soft Dog Crate


Petsfit is a company many consider to be among the leaders when it comes to forward thinking in pet housing and comfort.

Their models are praised for the quality of their make, the amount of room and light pets are given, and for the ease of (dis)assembly and transportation. This one is no exception.

Who is this product for?

From Chihuahua to golden retriever, one of the many size options of this crate can house all manner of dogs and is therefore perfectly suited for almost any dog owner who’s looking for a cage that’s safe, robust, and spacious enough for their pooch to live or travel in comfort.

What’s included?

Petsfit has made it extremely easy and comfortable for you to set up the dog cage. In its box you get the cage itself which you then assemble with the help of a few included screws in a couple of minutes without having to resort to tools. There’s also a kind of pad for your dog to lay on.

You can machine wash the pad as soon as it gets dirty and thereby keep your dog’s new home free from dirt, grime, and funky smells.

Overview of features

The cage is made of sturdy oxford cloth which isn’t prone to tearing or catching which makes this kind of cage a long-lived as well as a safe option for your pet’s needs.

It can be zipped all the way up to form one closed box; but no worries, your dog won’t start suffering from claustrophobia as there are three spacious openings – the biggest one is on the side of the crate with smaller ones on the top and front.

All three openings can either be completely zipped up, covered with a protective mesh which gives the cage ample ventilation while keeping bugs away, or they can all be completely open for your dog to come and go as they please.

You can’t disassemble the crate completely, but its sides fold neatly in, leaving you with a single flat side which will take up a minimal amount of space either in your vehicle, garage, or home.

You even get to choose the colors! True, you’re limited to a black and gray/blue combo, but that’s much better than some manufacturers offer.

There is one thing we’d consider to be this crate’s weak point, and that’s the zippers. They are a bit on the weaker side, and while they’ll keep your dog from getting out if it’s using minimal force to do so, they may not be able to keep a determined bulldog from breaking out, so get the dog used to the cage before shutting it in for longer periods.

They also tend to snag and are then difficult to get loose.

How to set it up it get the most out of it

Setting this cage up is as hassle-free as can be – you get a set of fiberglass bars and four corner connectors to secure them to.

You do this by tightening a handful of screws which are thick enough for you to comfortably do so with your thumb and forefinger.

Once that’s done, you put the fabric over it and the mat inside.

Better yet, if you buy two of them, you can place the cages side by side and leave the front panel of one and the back panel of the other open to give your dog(s) even more room to play in.



This model doesn’t have its own carrying bag, so if that’s the only issue you see it having but like everything else about it. Alternatively, if you’d like to go for a true cage instead, you might want to check out MidWest’s iCrate.


Petsfit’s dog crate is a product whose usefulness and plus points far outshine its one or two negative aspects.

For a reasonable price, you’re getting a crate made from quality materials in a professional way, a safe space your pet can easily enter and leave, and a means of taking it with you on vacation etc., that will minimally upset the animal. If you want a smart approach to pet housing – this is it!

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