How to Know That You Found the Right Bed For Your Puppies?

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Bringing a puppy home can be a joyous event and just as stressful as bringing a child home. Just like with a baby, you want to make sure that you have all the right accessories and furnishings for the new addition to your family.

Items like water dishes and leashes, along with food are important, but one of the pieces that a lot of people seem to forget or don’t put that much thought into is the bed they choose for their new puppy.

But not paying attention to this one accessory could be a big mistake and so we have crafted this guide to show you how to find the right bed for your puppy.

Types of Dog Beds

There are many things to consider when looking at what dog bed you’re going to go with. But the first thing you have to decide is the type of dog bed that will work best for not only the puppy but also for the space you have.

There are many different designs of dog beds, but there are four main categories you can choose from. Here is a look at the four:


It may seem counterintuitive to look at an orthopedic dog bed when we’re talking about puppies, but many breeds have inherent joint and hip problems that this could really help.

Choosing which orthopedic dog bed to go with will depend on the breed of the dog and how big they are going to be getting, so this will be something you will have to think about after you have chosen your dog.


If you live somewhere cold, you may want to go for a heated bed, or even if you have a short-haired pup, this type of bed may be a good option.

However, if you are dealing with a puppy, then it could be a bad choice as they like to chew. This is because, with a heating bed, there are wires throughout the bed.

Memory Foam

Looking for a bed to grow with your pup? Is it going to be a big dog? Then you should go for a memory foam option. This option will be more expensive but it will prevent health issues in the future.


One of the best options for a puppy is a crate. They are easy to clean and can be dressed up to be comfortable to sleep in. When looking at this type of bed, the biggest consideration is the size of the puppy.

Which Shape Is The Right One?

Another thing to consider is the puppy’s sleep style. Again, this could be determined by the breed or simply by watching your dog sleep. Here is a look at a few suggestions when considering this factor:


Some dogs like to snuggle down and surround themselves tightly. If your pup is a curler, the best shape to go with is a round or oval bed with nice high sides.


Many breeds are diggers, and if your pup is this type of dog, they will likely be burrower sleepers. Then they will like a nest or cave-style bed.


Some dogs like to stretch out, and for this type of pup, you might go with a simple rectangular pillow bed.


There are some sleepers that like to lean against things when they sleep. If your puppy is this type of sleeper, he might suit a bolster-style bed or even a dog couch.

Key Features To Look At

Now that you have a few key things to think about let us look at the pivotal features to choosing the right dog bed for your puppy. There are many different factors that you might concentrate on depending on your specific situation and puppy, but here are the features that we think are universal no matter what.


In order to ensure your dog is super comfortable, you will want to look at the thickness of the padding. Because of all the bones that dogs have, they have more pressure points to worry about.

With consistent pressure on some of these, the pup could end up with pains and skin damage. So when looking at beds, make sure you get a nice plush padding so that your pup will be comfortable when they drift off into dreamland.


When dealing with a puppy, this may be one of the most important factors. First, you want to look at the toxicity of the material as your puppy will inevitably chew on their bed. The last thing you want to do is have a padding material that is dangerous for the puppy.

Along with that, the material also plays a part in the comfort and durability of the bed, which is essential when looking for a bed for your puppy.

Heat Retention/Cooling

All dogs like to be warm when they curl up for sleep. Puppies even more so as they are looking to recreate the warmth of their mother. In order to look for that warmth, you want to choose a bed that has raised edges and thick coverings.

If, however, you live in a temperate climate, then you may also want to look for a thin and breathable material that helps with cooling.


The last thing that we think should be considered when looking for the right dog bed for your puppy is the cleaning. Depending on the puppy, you may have to wash the bed more than you might consider. If they shed or are an outside dog, they may track in dirt and bring it right into the bed.

You will want to look at if the bed is machine washable or if it will require more effort. This factor doesn’t really matter to your pup, but it would make your life easier if you find a dog bed that is easily cleaned.

Final Thoughts

The bed you choose for your pup is important. Hopefully, by us going over the things you can look at to find the right one for you and your pup, we have helped you out a little.

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