EXPAWLORER Dog Crate Review

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Most of us love to travel but mixing wanderlust and your pets is often stressful and unrewarding for both parties.

If leaving your dog behind isn’t an option either, you’ll want to surprise it with a portable dog crate designed specifically to make those long car rides quickly fly by.

The Expawlorer dog crate allows your pet to travel in leisure and style. Here’s the scoop on how they do it and why their dog crates are praised by globetrotters and their worldly wise pets too!



Recognizable for the cute paw print that makes up the mesh of one of their crates’ sides, Expawlorer brings durability, ease of assembly and easy maintenance to the forefront of dog crate design.

While their products are primarily designed for a better and more memorable outdoor experience, one of these crates has all the traits of your dog’s favorite place to relax when at home too.

Who is this product for?

This dog crate is suited for dogs of all sizes as the smallest is 20 inches long while the largest one is twice as long. Other than being a good stand-alone home, the crate is great to transport your pets in, so if you do a lot of traveling and can’t bear to leave your pets at home or with friends, it’s a great way of keeping them content and safe while on the road.

What’s included?

As dog crates go, this one is straightforward, and the accessories and overall packaging are no exception. You receive one finely made dog crate as part of the package, along with a mat for your dog to sleep on. This is a bit thin and hard though, so if your dog has trouble sleeping on it, you may want to spring for something more comfortable.

Overview of features

The crate’s design stands out as being both comfort-oriented and pleasant to look at. There’s mesh fabric on all its sides except for the bottom, allowing you to peek in on what the dog’s doing from any angle and giving them a good overview of their surroundings.

This design provides exceptional airflow and sunlight penetration, giving your pet the feeling of freedom, even when everything is all zipped up.

A great thing about the fabric, apart from the visible quality put into stitching and assembling it to fit tautly over a set of steel beams, is the fact that you can machine wash the whole thing – without the bars, making it very hygienic indeed.

As the crate is all about convenient transportation, it’s no surprise that it comes with two long, padded handles which can be carried or used as a shoulder strap.

Alternatively, you can pull one of them through a seatbelt to make the crate stay in place better during a car ride.

You only get the crate in one color, a kind of drab green, which blends in well with most other colors and signifies the manufacturer’s intent on outdoor use.

Combined with the paw print and black rounded safety corners, it gives off a nice vibe.

As negatives go, some of the zippers could have been made better. The metal variety is fine, but there are also a few nylon ones which break more easily and a puppy who’s just teething and wants to try his sharp little canines on could damage.

While assembly is indeed not too complicated, some of the parts fit together very snugly at first. This snugness goes away after a while as the crate is broken in

How to set it up

Everything needed to set the crate up is already inside and ready. The crate comes in its folded state with the steel beams already tucked inside, so all you need to do is put the crate on a flat surface, prop the beams up and lock them together.

The experience is very user friendly and almost anyone will be able to both assemble and disassemble the crate right away.


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If you like to go camping a lot, and would like your dog to come along for the adventure, you may want to spring for a crate that’s waterproof as well as spacious, like Soft Travel Dog crate by Durable Den.

Considering 10 percent of their proceeds go towards supporting he Humane Society, giving Durable Den a shot is not only a viable, but worthy alternative.


Whether a sudden situation has occurred, and you need to transport your dog somewhere safely and effectively, or you need a permanent home for it which can be packed up and ready to go wherever you’re going in a snap, Expawlorer’s dog crate has proven itself to be up to the challenge.

At this price point, you’re unlikely to find a crate that offers your pet as much room while being as well-built as this one is.

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