EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate Review

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Is your dog one of those long-legged types who can’t seem to feel at home in a regular dog cage? The cage might fit their size on paper, but in reality, they’re just not comfortable inside.

Frustrating, isn’t it? People aren’t all made to fit in neat categories, and neither are dogs; EliteField is aware of this and is offering a soft dog cage that is perfectly suited to become the new home of a dog that doesn’t quite fit the norm.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate


Established in New York almost 15 years ago and striving to provide you with top-quality pet products ever since, EliteField is a company which cares as much about the pets their crates will house as they do about giving owners their money’s worth.

This particular crate is among their newest models and has taken everything the company has learned from faithful customers worldwide and upgraded the product.

Who is this product for?

Dogs which don’t quite fit within an ordinary size bracket will find this crate a suitable home, as will their owners who won’t have to spend extra on a crate that’s too large or unwieldy, not to mention more expensive.

What’s included?

The manufacturer is quite generous as far as both accessories and services are concerned.

Apart from the crate itself, you get a machine-washable bed for your dog to lounge on and a super convenient carrying bag the folded up cage can be transported with.

On top of these physical goodies, EliteField offers a 2-year warranty on their crate, which you won’t find with many competitors.

Overview of features

With minimal knowledge and skill required to set it up, anyone who does will quickly find that the crate looks and feels as secure as it is easy to set up. Since it is wider than most, it has a nice cube-like appearance and a lot of room for your pet to feel comfortable in.

Functionality is king with EliteField’s products, and they’ve made sure to get as much out of this crate as possible.

For instance, the crate’s design features a mesh covering on all four sides, so you’ll never worry whether the airflow inside is good if both entrances are zipped up.

The dog can enter the crate either from the front or the side, and either entrance can be covered up with mesh or zipped up altogether.

The crate’s interior features waterproof bedding you can take out and periodically wash to keep everything odorless and clean.

The exterior is made from a strong fabric ad features two pockets, one on top and one on the back, which give you ample room to store snacks, favorite toys, leashes, and other dog-related knick-knacks.

Another nice touch is the large number of available color options – from more traditional options like black or beige to more cheerful combinations such as gray and navy blue; each dog lover will be able to find something to suit his or her taste.

Portability plays a big part in any soft dog crate’s appeal, and EliteField’s excels in that regard; the crate itself is reasonably light and can be quickly folded up.

There are handles attached to its sides, so you can pick it straight up and place it somewhere else, but there’s also a separate carrying bag which has both handles and a shoulder strap for even more convenient carrying.

We couldn’t find any serious downsides to using this crate. If you really want to look for flaws, turn to the crate’s top side – the mesh part there is smaller than usual as there needed to be room for the accessory pouch, so it may be difficult to see what your dog is up to at times from a bird’s eye view.

How to set it up

Getting the crate into shape is very intuitive and doesn’t take long. First it needs to be taken out of the bag and laid out flat.

There are a couple of buckles that hold it in place while folded, so these need to be undone next. After that, you can completely unfold the crate, set up its support poles, lock them into place and get your dog to try it out!



If not having a lot of mesh on the top of the crate is a deal breaker for you, consider getting a crate that has some instead, like Arf Pets’ Dog Soft Crate Kennel.

For a more traditional approach to pet cages complete with harder sides a determined dog won’t be able to chew through, you can go with Petmate’s Sky Kennel instead.


We’ve got to hand it to EliteField – with their special soft dog crate every pooch can now sprawl in their safe little corner of the world without hitting actual corners.

A comfortable dog is a happy dog, and this crate goes the extra mile in providing that comfort.

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