Dog Crate Reviews

Best Dog Crates of 2018

Best Dog Crates of 2021

Dogs are people too, or so any enthusiastic dog owner would have you believe. What do all people need? A home to call their own! Baskets are fine and all but aren’t portable while it can get mighty cold in those dog houses, and not just during the winter.

Best Travel Dog Crate of 2018

Best Travel Dog Crate of 2021

Have you been planning a family vacation for ages now and insist that Fido be part of the fun as well? Within today’s portable dog travel crates, your pooch can not only travel in style, but find themself carrying a piece of home wherever in the world you may go.

EXPAWLORER Dog Crate Review

Most of us love to travel but mixing wanderlust and your pets is often stressful and unrewarding for both parties. If leaving your dog behind isn’t an option either, you’ll want to surprise it with a portable dog crate designed specifically to make those long car rides quickly fly by.

Petsfit Soft Dog Crate Review

Petsfit Soft Dog Crate Review

Are you looking for a kennel for your dog which doesn’t look like it came out of the middle ages? Would you like to replace the thin bars and canary feel of a cage with something that looks and feels more humane (or whatever the dog equivalent of humane is)?

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