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How Long Can I Keep My Dog in a Crate?

Dogs can be whimsical companions – with some of them you never know what shenanigans they’re going to get up to next. The internet is full of videos featuring half-eaten dinners, chewed-up living room furniture and the deceptively innocent stares of the canine perpetrators of these avoidable crimes.

How to Disinfect a Dog Crate

How to Disinfect a Dog Crate?

You wouldn’t believe it based solely on a dog’s propensity for splashing around in the mud and rain, but they actually do like to keep a pretty tidy home. Natural instincts and training even more so make a dog extremely hesitant to perform bodily functions inside the crate they sleep in.

What are Dog Crates Used For

What are Dog Crates Used For?

Everyone has heard of dog crates, and you’ve maybe even come across a few if you like to take road trips or plane rides and see families taking their cats and dogs with them to share the fun. While it’s true that dog crates are a very safe and convenient transportation tool, this amounts to only a fraction of their usefulness.

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