Best Elevated Dog Beds of 2021: Our Top Picks

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Your dog needs a nice place to sleep after a long, tiring day of play and walking and all those things dogs do. Elevated beds for dogs are ideal for providing a safe and dry sleeping space for them.

We will take a look at some of the best elevated dog beds out there to see what they have to offer your dog. To find out which one will be perfect for your furry friend, read through this review to make an informed decision.

Comparison Chart

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K&H Pet Products Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed
Best Choice
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Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed
Best Price
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Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed
Best for Large Dogs

Elevated Dog Beds Reviews

Cooling Elevated Pet Bed From Amazon Basics


If you are looking for a raised bed for your chewing and shedding dog, this is the one to buy.


This dog bed provided by Amazon basics is made from a durable mesh fabric that is a bit difficult to chew through. It also comes with a breathable mesh to keep the dog cool in the hot summer days and nights.

Assembling this bed for your dog will take only a few minutes to have it up and ready for use by your dog. Another great thing is that it is available in green and gray colors, so you can find a style that matches your decor.

It is also available in a wide range of sizes that run from extra small to extra large, so even larger dogs have a nice bed. Cleaning this elevated dog bed will be easy as you just need to rinse it with tap water and it will be ready for use again.

It’s important to be careful because the legs are without protective rubbers, so it may scratch the floor.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Two colors to choose from
  • Breathable mesh for cooling effect


  • Not good to store near doors that open
  • There are no protective rubber at the end of the legs


Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed From Love’s Cabin

This high-end and functional elevated bed for your dog will help keep your dog high and dry all the time.


The easy way this elevated dog bed is designed makes it simple to replace the fabric after some rough handling. This is great because we all know nothing lasts forever, but at least the frame will last much longer than the fabric.

With the lightweight design, you can easily move the bed around to the most favorite spots for some variety for your dog. It is also effortless to keep this dog bed clean thanks to the easy dirt cleaning and hair removal options.

Anti-skid rubber feet are added to the end of the legs to help protect the floor from becoming scratched when it moves around. The frame is made from strong materials, so it will last at least a few years.

However, you only have a few sizes to choose from, and extra-large is not one of them.


  • Anti-skid rubbers added to the end of the legs
  • Easily remove hair from the fabric
  • Comes with a sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy to replace the mesh fabric


  • Only a few sizes to choose from
  • There are not many different colors available


Original Elevated Pet Bed From Coolaroo


If you need a pet bed that will last through all the seasons and for many years, this is the ideal one for your pet.


With a powder-coated frame, it will easily resist corrosion and last much longer for many years of service for your pooch. Together with the high-density polyethylene fabric, this bed is elevated for your dog and is durable enough to be used outdoors as well.

The fabric of this bed for your dog is treated so it will easily resist mildew and mold growth. It will also effectively repel fleas and mites to provide your dog with a safe place to sleep.

It is made with a lightweight design to easily relocate the bed to your dog’s most favorite indoor and outdoor spots.

Unfortunately, there is no decent warranty attached to this dog bed as if they do not trust their own product. It will also not support more than 100 pounds, so it may not be suitable for the larger dog breeds out there.


  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • The fabric is mold and mildew resistant
  • Frame powder-coated for better protection
  • Portable design for easy relocation options


  • Will only support up to 100 pounds
  • No decent warranty attached to it


Bedsure Original Elevated Dog Cot Bed


With a wide assortment of pet beds to choose from, there will be one that will suit your dog’s needs.


This elevated bed for your dog is high off the ground at about 8 inches, so your dog will be safe and dry all the time. The fabric used will not allow dirt to cling to it, so you can easily clean the bed with a simple rinse.

When you receive this dog bed, you will find everything included for a complete assembly, even the hex tools for the screws. The frame is coated, so it will easily rest corrosion and rust to make it last longer for better service.

It is also available in three different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of dog sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

But there is a downside about the frame, and that is that it protrudes far out, making it almost too large for the bed. The materials used in the construction of the frame will bend easily if not handled with care.


  • It is quite high off the ground
  • Everything included in the package, even the tools
  • No clinging of dirt and hair
  • It comes with a corrosion-resistant frame


  • Materials of the frame may bend easily
  • The frame extends too far out


Original Elevated Pet Cot From K&H Pet Products

31AfI2WvG L

This versatile pet bed can be used for a wide variety of applications to make it a comfortable, portable dog cot.


It will eventually happen that the durable fabric on this dog bed will become damaged after prolonged use, but stress not, as there are replacement covers available. The easy assembling and design make it an easy job to remove the old fabric and replace it with a new cover.

You will need no tools to get it set up completely for the assembling of this well-designed elevated dog bed. It also comes with a one-year warranty to back the outstanding quality and provide you with peace of mind.

When it comes to sleeping space, this bed is designed so the full surface of the cover is available for sleeping. Also, enough airflow is allowed through the fabric and all around the sleeping space, keeping your dog cool.

However, it does come with quite a high price tag attached to it, putting it out of reach of many people.


  • Easy replacement covers available
  • A very durable and strong construction
  • The whole surface is optimized for sleeping space
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Comes with a high price tag attached to it
  • Some dogs may not like the smell of it



The definitive winner in this list of great elevated dog beds is the one provided by K&H Pet Products. It comes with great features included, such as a cool sleeping space as well as high durability, so it will last a long time.

For those with a tight budget, in second place we have the Amazon Basics elevated dog bed with durability and strength. It comes with an affordable price tag, and you have two colors and different sizes to choose from for your dog.

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